10 A Day

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-26 at 4.54.11 PM             The 10 a day project is meant to strengthen the prayer life of our youth and also help shape the our future. The program is meant to make our platform the best social media platform that turn to direct the spiritual well being of our youth. The platform and the 10 a Day program will see to members posting prayer request and testimonies on the platform to be attended to.  The theme of the project is “Let’s Pray Let’s Share”. The program will also make members form prayer groups to pray with and share prayer requests with themselves. This program will also come to help promote the 777 prayer program by the church. The main reason for this 10 A Day program if the make members see the need to share prayer requests and testimonies on the platform. Inviting ten friends to sign up will not only increase our number of subscribers but make subscribers stick with us. Their friends are here and sharing the same interest and experience will make them want to stay on the platform not wanting to go out. When someone sees a prayer request on as a message or post the receiver or reader will reply or comment on it giving the requester an assurance the requests are being addressed. It breeds faith and trust in God and that the person who commented on the prayer request will have to pray over the requests. Some might not comment but pray over the prayer request. Through this we will have a Television and a radio program called “Prayer Net” which will have the host of the program invite guests on the show to pray over prayer requests on the platform. The program will categorize all these prayers and guests will pray on them. There will also be a phone in segment where people will phone in and the hosts pray with them. We will also have prayer topics to discuss on how the build and exercise a believers’ faith. We will also look at promises in the Bible and how to capitalize on these promises of the Bible in prayer. Ones we pray we sure will have our prayers answered and so will have a segment on the program to read testimonies on the platform and also from callers.     WhatsApp Image 2019-07-26 at 4.54.10 PM

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